Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pup update

We had to vaccinate the pups the other day, so it was like a goat round-up.  They were scattered all about.  We located 5 of them and were missing one.  I happened to look over to where some of the bucks were, and there was a pup lounging around with them.  There is something so amazing about seeing these dogs bond with the goats.  Especially when they start showing it at such a young age. 

We have a portable fence set up in this particular pasture, for instances like these.  We were able to put the puppies in here while we vaccinated and wormed them to keep them from running off.  Once they received their shot and wormer, we would let them back out to the pasture.  It is very wise to have a way to keep the one's apart that have already received their vaccine, so you don't look down and realize that you can't remember which one had their shot already.  It can get confusing, even though some of them have different markings.

Many thanks goes to our kids for rounding up the pups.   They had to crawl under an area the pups had made home.  It was cool under there, so some of them  didn't want to come out.  Dillon and Mallory also helped by blocking the holes in the corners of the pen we were using, to prevent the pups from escaping.  They are such great helpers.

Running free

Shane moved the horses to this pasture that our bucks are in with the pups.  He went out there Sunday to find that Mallory's horse, Sally, had taken a bite at some of the pups.  Two of them were missing some of their fur in a small area, so Sally had to be removed.  I also had an incident with Sally the other day where she wanted to take a new calf from it's moma.  It was a really crazy event.  The horses, in my opinion, don't mingle real well with other animals.  Some of our horses are real laid back, but others aren't.  We're relatively new to the whole horse thing, so it may be normal for them to act up when put with other animals.  It is really hard though to keep all of the animals separated.  For now, that's how it's going to have to be I guess. 

Taking a water break

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  1. The pups are growing so fast. It always amazes me how the guarding instinct is so built in. I always enjoy your posts.


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