Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Lifesaver

This handy little remote shown below is a real lifesaver.  For those of you that have electric fencing, or are considering electric fencing, you should really know about this little remote.  It is called a Fault Finder Remote Control.

front of remote
There is a probe on the end of this remote, that when in contact with the electric fence, will tell you the voltage pulsing through the wire.  It has a screen that will tell you what the current voltage is, and  the direction of the current flow.  It also has an on and off button that will allow you to turn off the whole system from right where you are without having to go back to the energizer and flipping the on/off switch. (This comes in really handy when you are in the back forty quite a way from the main switch.) Some of these functions will work with any energizers, but the on/off capability with the remote will only work with one particular brand ( Stafix).

In this picture below you can see the probe at the top of the remote.  This is where you find the voltage.  There is a slot below that probe that you can put the wire in ( it has to have contact with the metal ) and it will find any problems that you may have on the fence.  It will point an arrow to the direction of the problem.  You will just keep on putting the remote on the wire and follow the arrow.  If it is pointing in the other direction, the problem will be somewhere between that point and the last spot checked prior. ( I really hope this makes sense :) 

back side of the remote
Shane has spent quite some time using this remote to locate any problems with the fence.  Just the other day, it showed that the voltage was low, and pointed him in the direction of the problem.  He said that he followed the arrows and he finally got it narrowed down to an area.  He couldn't see any problem right away, but with closer inspection, he found that an old piece of wire was sticking up out of the ground and was touching the backside of the fence.  He was able to turn off the energizer ( which is a good idea when dealing with a wire that has 10,000 volts running through it)  from that location and fix the issue and turn the energizer right back on within a few minutes.  Then after testing the fence again, all was well.   He said that the remote was a lifesaver.  He also said that he highly recommends it to anyone that has a large area that has electric fencing. 

Here is a picture of the remote from the manual.  It has all of the parts and functions of the remote.  It might help you understand it better.

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  1. Now that's a slick looking little gadget. Wonder if we can get one with a remote on/off for ours? I used to be the remote as Chuck hollered on or off, but I don't get down to that farm these days with the road so bad. Chuck has made it so each wire and each area can be isolated from the box but this would be much better!


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