Saturday, October 29, 2011

Kissing The Goat

Our children's missions class at our church held a Kiss the Goat contest to raise money for some of their missions projects. They chose 10 adults in our church that they wanted to have kiss the goat and made a jar for each one. It was then up to the church and community to decide which of the 10 it would be. The person with the most money in their jar was the chosen one. Our pastor, Bro. James, had repeatedly said that he wasn't going to be the one to pucker up. Well guess what? 

" Bro. James meet Milkshake, the goat......Milkshake, this is Bro. James......"  

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Bro. James was such a good sport.  He even held this pose, in the photo below, for some time in order to  have it documented.   Thanks Bro. James!

All of this took place in our kid's playground area at the church.  Today was our Fall Festival, so there were plenty of kids around.  It was so funny how all of the kids just wanted to play with the goat and nothing else.  Milkshake had never seen so many kids.  I think she is still in shock from having so many of them playing with her. 

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  1. Good for your pastor for being such a good sport. Next time warn him, "He who says he won't most likely will!" Happens every time, especially when there are kids involved! They love a good challenge.


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