Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Pickle What?

I have been up to my ears in bake sale preparations this week. We are winding up the Fall Festival King and Queen competition this weekend and bake sales were a part of it this week. I've learned a lot about what kids like to eat and drink this week. I saw a lot of kids running around with cups that looked like this......

You may wonder what is it just like I did.  Whatever that was in those cups was "gold" to all of the children because they flocked to a specific table that offered these for sale.  Can you guess what it is? 

This, my friends, is what the kids so fondly referred to as pickle pops.  Frozen pickle juice.....I mean who would've thought it?  So for today's bake sale, I did what any other bake sale mom would do.  

Pickle pops
 I sold 2 gallons of pickles yesterday and was left with all of that juice.  After seeing all of the mayhem over the pickle pops, I wasn't about to waste that juice by pouring it out.  Oh no, my freezers are full of trays of frozen pickle juice.  They were selling it for 25 cents a cup.  These cups are like little Dixie cups. Those two gallons made about 65 cups.....Whew!

Hallelujah this is my last day!  Each day is designated for a different grade.  Since I have TWO children participating,  I am a little "scatter-brained" these days.  I could be like another parent that has 3 children in it, all the while expecting my fourth in a couple of months.  Bless that mom's heart......She should get a medal! 

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  1. Pickle pops? That is a new one on this girl. But you know, if the kids like, then I am all for it. I have two somewhat picky eaters, so when you find that magic "good thing," you ride it as long as you can! Now go take a break!


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