Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Puppy Love

I had these photos stored on our computer with the intentions of sharing them a while back, but I kind of forgot to. So today, I am trying to get this whole thing rolled out. The quality isn't so great due to my camera, but I absolutely love the "love" being shared in the photos. We have Jael one of our anatolian LGD's in a pasture with some heifers and bucklings (young male goats). Jael has 3 pups out in this pasture with her "learning the ropes". I've been noticing that the heifers are really interested in checking out the puppies up close and personal. 

We're talking, really up close and personal.


When they get close to the puppies, it seems so hard for them to resist giving those puppies some love.  They (puppies) know it's coming so they just sit there and take it.  You know, it's like that one aunt who comes for a visit only to walk in the door and  pinch the little one's cheeks.

I've never seen any of our cows doing this.  It may be just that the youngsters are curious about the puppies, but I found it to be so funny.  

I love the look in this last picture.....the pup has a look about her that screams "Help!   Will she please stop licking my ear!"  

Happy Hump Day!

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