Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Watching for Kiko Kids

This past Saturday we rounded up all of our kiko does to move them to another pasture as they near kidding time. 

They decided after they had crossed the road that they would like to hang out and graze in the back yard rather than move on.  Shane got to put Davie and Alex (our border collies) to good use.  The youngest border collie Alex hasn't had a lot of formal training, but she is picking it up pretty quick while she works alongside her mother.  If you look closely in the right hand side of the photo below ( you will probably have to click on it to make it larger) , they both are in the "down" position awaiting their next command.  

We are excited to see what this spring's kid crop brings.  We have some Pistol Pete daughters that have been bred to Rooster as well as some of Rooster daughters bred to Pistol Pete.  We truly want to improve the animals that are produced here on our farm with each year, so we always look forward to the kidding season.  It's the beginning of choosing replacements to keep for our main herd.   

4 yr. old kiko doe

We are not planning on selling any of  our  does or doelings  until we have our herd numbers built up.   Each year we cull really hard, so then we have to choose replacements.  We are building our numbers up with better quality animals being added with each kidding.   Of course those that do not work out as making the cut for replacements, are taken to our local stockyard. 
6 yr. old kiko doe

I hope to have some pictures of some kiko babies to share with you within the next week.  I'm sure it will be an exciting time around here.   I will be out there every day weighing and tagging them, so pictures will be coming, that is if I can only remember to take my camera :)
6 yr old kiko doe

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