Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Little Day Trip to LA

I can't begin to tell you how many times I have sat down in front of this computer to try to get a new post going. It seems each time I start, something comes up...... or I just have this mental block that will not allow me to put my thoughts into words. It seems the older I'm getting, I get all kinds of "mental blocks"......especially the one that causes me to wonder why in the world am I standing in the laundry room with a freshly made pitcher of tea trying to put it in the cabinets. Or the time when I couldn't find a USB cord for my camera and I finally found one in the bottom of my sock drawer....Or the time I looked for 30 minutes to find my keys, only to find them still in the deadbolt of our back door from the day before. Yep. Slept all night with my keys in the door. Am I the only one that suffers from the many absent minded moments? 

Anywho, back to the original purpose of this post. A couple of weeks ago, our little family took a trip to LA. We were delivering this happy fella to Mr. Nic Girgenti to put with his does.  He was about to go out of his mind seeing our does across the road and not being able to get to them.  When he was unloaded out of the back of Shane's truck, he wasted no time getting acquainted with the ladies. 

DSK Lumberjack

Of course, I left my camera back at Nic's house when we drove to the pasture to put out Lumberjack.  So I didn't get a single picture.  While we were getting a tour, Nic stopped his truck to point out army worms to Shane.  We haven't seen any around here, but have been hearing of the trouble others are having with them causing devastation to the forages in the pastures.  Mr. Mike Kimball was kind enough to use his phone to get a photograph of the army worms for me.  Thank you ;)

army worms
(Photo courtesy of Mike Kimball)

We were also treated to lunch at The Boston Restaurant. It was delicious. Thank you Mike and Nic!

After that, we went over to see Nic's brother, JA, at his store.  On this particular day, the store was celebrating it's anniversary.  All sorts of festivities were going on to celebrate.  They had a trailer outside that was made to look like a red barn full of animals for kids to see. 

Shane and Mike checking out the animals

This was Mal's favorite part; getting to hold a little bunny.  She's been after us to get her one.  We just might have to after this little hands on session.  She loved it!

The kids were also able to see and pet a couple of fawns.  I took pictures of it, but they didn't turn out real well.  I later found that my lens needed some serious cleaning.  It's amazing how much dust had settled on that thing!

I'm  glad we were able to make the trip over to Louisiana.  It was so nice to meet up with good friends.  Hope we will be able to do it again soon.

Happy Hump Day Y'all!!


  1. Girlfriend, you need to give yourself a smartphone then hop over to today's post on my blog and have your phone ready to capture moments like this. It's a lifesaver. Looks like you all still had a great day.

    1. I totally need a smartphone...your pics were amazing!



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