Friday, September 28, 2012

He Has Driven Me CRAZY Today!!!

Meet Rooster.  He has been one pain in my backside today!  It started earlier in the morning.....I was cleaning out our old house down the road and I went outside to only hear his "sweet" little voice.  He just so happened to be right near the fence sweet-talkin to the ladies trying to get them to come his way.  The only problem is that it isn't time to visit with the ladies.  He had gotten out of his pasture and made his way down the road to where they are.  After much frustration on both our parts.....he was returned not ever-so-kindly back to his place. 

Thinking of a way to get over this gate

I fixed what I thought to be the problem....a gate that doesn't have the best latching system.  Only to find out later that the particular gate mentioned wasn't the problem.  He made way back out again.  Finally I found the spot.  He was put into a smaller pasture that is surrounded by hotwire.  We'll see if this keeps him in....If it doesn't, I might be inclined to have this fella hanging on my living room wall as a discussion piece.  Nah.....Just kidding :)

Rooster Cogburn

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