Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Banana Puddin'

I've been going through the pictures that I have stored on my computer to try to put  some on a zip drive and delete some. I almost have 2100 photos stored on our computer; too many! I usually take photos and then upload them, only to say that I will delete them the next time I work on the blog.....Well, I am in the process of doing that today.  While going through them, I came across this picture. 


We had our Perry County Farm Bureau annual meeting about a month ago. Everyone was to bring a dessert and this is what my honey requested that I take. Banana puddin'. I believe it is one of his many favorite desserts.

The reason I never used this picture, was that I had planned on making a post about our annual meeting and none of my pictures turned out that I had taken that night.  The only one that did was the picture above of the dessert that I took.  While looking at the photo, I got to thinking about making some sort of dessert for after supper tonight......Which also got me to wondering.  Do any of you have a favorite dessert?  If so, what is it? 


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