Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Anatolians can be gentle!

We have found that a lot of people around here are terrified of Anatolian Shepherds.  I'm guessing they think since they are "guard dogs" that they are vicious dogs.  Here at our farm, we have contact with them.........ONLY in their pasture with their goats.  Of course they are used to us, so they are friendly to us.  This picture of Kimba and Mallory is proof  of how gentle they can be. 

As with anything new, they have to be introduced by one of us.  When Shane started using our border collie to round up the goats, the LGDs were not keen on a dog coming in their territory "chasing" their goats.  So for a few days, Shane would walk Davie on a leash with him out in the pasture.  Since they have been introduced, we haven't had an issue with the LGDs when we need to herd the goats. 

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