Saturday, October 2, 2010

Temporary visitors from Illinois

About a month ago a gentleman from Illinois contacted us about breeding some of his does to Pistol Pete and Rooster.  He had a select group of does from his breeding program that had made it through his strict culling practices.  He wanted to add some of our genetics to his stock.  We have 3 put in with Pistol Pete and 4 in with Rooster. 
Pistol Pete with the ladies

The does with Rooster

We also had our goat playground modified this past week too.  Shane had a guy bring in his heavy machinery and move the piles of concrete around.  It's not exactly how Shane had wanted it, but the goats are seeming to enjoy it better now.  It is not as dangerous as it was before.   They are running and jumping on it every time that I've went out there to check on them.

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  1. Goats do love to climb and keep their feet trimmed. Nice.


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