Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dog wars again....or maybe not

I've been meaning to post lately, but things just keep preventing me from getting it done.  So here goes.....look out for several posts tonight.

I went out to the pasture the other day to find Kimba with a really swollen head.  All I could think of was that he had been bitten by a snake.  I couldn't find any bite marks on his head.  I did find a cut under his ear.  I decided I would check on Sinbad to see how he looked...(he and Kimba like to tangle up sometimes)  I went to the back 40 where he was and he appeared fine to me from the distance I was at.  The closer I got to him, I noticed he was limping a little.  Then I realized he had a cut under his leg.   Long story short, he had to pay the vet a visit and his wound was left open to drain.  We spray Granulex on it in the afternoon and he's also taking antibiotics. 

View from the side
We're not sure if he and Kimba tied up or if Sinbad got hooked by a wild hog.  They have been rooting up the ground in the back near the goats and we figured it could be a possibility.  The cut under Sinbads chest was such a large clean cut.  It seems like it could've been due to a tusk.  If that's what happened, we can't figure out why Kimba's head was so swollen with that cut under his ear.  Maybe they teamed up on the hog.  Who knows?
View from underneath

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