Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Sad Day.....

Today was a sad day for us here at Deep South Kikos.....Our little rat terrior Maggie ( "Maggie mo-mo" as we called her sometimes) died this morning.

She had to be one of the toughest farm dogs ever known.  She only weighed about 5 pounds and you wouldn't have ever guessed a dog so small could do so much.  She loved to help (or get in our way) when we were working cows or goats.  She had so much heart....She had been stepped on by a cow, bitten by a copperhead, and yet she never stopped being our little super dog. 

We buried her in our backyard under a Bradford Pear tree at Dillon's request.  He wanted to have a funeral for her.  Mallory sang Jesus Loves Me and Dillon asked that I say a prayer.  He put a cross on her little grave site and we all reminisced about all of our wonderful memories of her (through tears for me and Mallory). 
We got Maggie in 2002, so she had been a big part of our family for almost 8 years.  We will really miss her very much.  It's something how a dog so little can impact your lives like she did ours.

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  1. I know you will miss little Maggie. Very special pets like her really do impact our lives, don't they? Tell Mallory and Dillon we're sorry, and how lucky Maggie was to have all of you in her life.


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