Thursday, June 9, 2011

Oh, the rain

Yesterday we were blessed with a good rain.  I ran outside and pulled all of my potted plants and put them in the yard as the rain was approaching.  It was wonderful to see all of that water falling from the sky!   I'm sure my plants loved it as much as I did.

I was starting to worry about what would happen if we didn't get any rain soon.  Our grasses aren't growing at all.  Thank goodness for the 15 acre cut over that the goats are able to work on in addition to the forage in the pasture.  I have even noticed some of the cows working on a few bushes as well.  I have to remember to stop worrying though.  I know that God plans everything for a purpose.....all of that hot dry weather may have killed off some sort of "bug" out in the fields that may have wreaked havoc on our farm.  We will never know.  One thing I do know, there is nothing more tranquil than the sound of rain falling on a tin roof, and the cool air that comes from a nice afternoon shower.  Thank you Lord!

What a wonderful sight!
(puddle in our driveway)

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