Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Colts, Calves, and Kids

I went out this morning to see if we'd had any new calves born and those crazy horses followed me everywhere I went. I realized that I haven't put a picture up of the colt lately....This one's for you Mr. AWS :) 

The calf on the left was born last week, and I had taken this picture right after he was born because his eyes were so bright and I'd never seen anything like it.  We've never had one with eyes this color.  They are so beautiful.  I wondered if they were this color due to being blind but it seems to me that he is able to see.  A week later they are still just as bright. Just had to share.....

This little guy was watching me curiously, so I decided to take his picture...When I got off of the mule, he looked like he was ready to break into a fast run to get away.  I managed to get his picture before he was able to.

Of course I had to share  some kid pictures.  They are literally everywhere I turn.  I think we ended up our first round of kidding with 65 kids being born. 

I just love their little curious faces

playing around
One last thing, baseball is in full swing around here. I will try very hard to continue to make posts on the blog and not forget ;)  It looks like we are going to have a great season this year.  Dillon's coach this year is AWESOME!  I think he will learn so much this year, and have fun while doing it!  

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