Thursday, April 26, 2012

Farm Visitors

We absolutely love to have folks stop by our farm to visit with us and hear us talk about our animals. We have had the opportunity to meet some amazing people and made some lifelong friendships because of farming.  A couple of weekends ago, we had 3 different families stop by in one day.  We decided to take pictures earlier that day to share.  

First thing that morning we had the Templet family come over from Louisiana.  Our kids had a blast catching frogs by the pond with their daughter.  Before it was all said and done, the three kiddos decided to take a little dip in the pond.  And yes........the cows ended chasing them out.  They said they didn't want any of that fresh poo on them.  I wished I had kept my camera on me to document that.  

Next we had a visit from our dear sweet friends, the Shows'.  They came to pick up two kid goats that were bottle babies to deliver to a friend.  We also gave them a tour of our remodeling progress.   Shane, Dillon, and Mallory also got in the photo.  We have known the Shows' for a few years now, and consider them to be like family to us.  They are precious folks.

Our last visitors were the Hanberry's.  By that time in the day, my mind left me and I forgot to get a picture of their family.  Ms. Hanberry was nice enough to email me a picture of their son holding a kid goat to share on the blog.  They are new to goats and extremely excited to get started in their "goating" endeavor. 

Anytime you'd like to come by for a visit, let us know, and we'd be happy to have you!

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