Friday, April 13, 2012

FAMACHA Eye Scoring

The other day I noticed a link online to a video that Purdue University has done about using the FAMACHA eye scoring system for goats.  This is the same method that we use on our goat herd.  Each month we gather up the goats and check their eye scores and record it for our records.  We are able to look back at the records of those particular goats that have to be wormed to see if they have had to be wormed previously.  We select for goats that do not have issues with parasites.  Those that do have problems are culled.  Our climate here in the southeast is a breeding ground for internal parasites, so it is imperative for us to have animals that can survive and thrive under these  conditions with little to no intervention.  That is the best thing about kiko goats.  They are so much hardier than any of the other breed of goats we have owned in the past.  They are parasite resistant, super mothers, and their kids are very aggressive just minutes after being born.  They jump up, not long after hitting the ground, looking for a meal.  It's amazing, if you've never seen it.  Now I will be the first to tell you that as wonderful as the kiko breed is, there are some kikos that don't perform....shall I say..... up to par.   That is why we have chosen not to sell any of our goats until they have "performed" here on our farm.  We want to make sure that if you get a Deep South Kiko goat that it will live up to our standards and meet the expectations for you.  

OK.  So I've kinda gotten off track about the video.  I wanted to post it here on our blog for those that may have never heard of it and are interested.  Shane and I have talked to a lot of people around here, and many were not aware of  FAMACHA.  I'm not sure of any FAMACHA clinics being held locally at this time, but if you are aware of any, please leave a comment in section below of location, date, and time.  

Here is the video. 



  1. Nice Video!

    We would not have know that our goats from were pictured on the 3:38 minute mark if you hadn't posted this video.

    Mike & Lorie Renick


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