Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Houston, we finally have the cabinets installed! Hooray! 

Thank you Lord, for my hard working husband!

We also have a kindergarten graduate too!  So thankful the kids are on their summer break! 

Mal and her most favorite teacher Ms. Charles and one of her classmates.


  1. WOO HOO! The kids had their field day yesterday, and the last day is tomorrow. T-minus 2 days until the insanity, I mean fun starts! LOVE your cabinets. I am having cabinet envy now! ;-)

  2. how quickly children grow up, don't they? Congrats to Mallory. Ya'll have a fun summer. Kitchen is going to be beautiful!!

  3. Lana, I hope you and your family enjoy the summer! Ms. Gail, we will have a fun summer. Hope you and Mr. Darryl do the same!



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