Monday, June 4, 2012

Ducks On The Farm

We have added a few ducks to our farm. They are strictly here just for us to enjoy looking at. We got them when they were a little over a week old and raised them in a cooler until they got rid of all of those fuzzy yellow feathers and grew those nice white ones. It is so relaxing to me, to watch them glide across the pond so gracefully.  

Gliding Gracefully

They do tend to spend most of their time swimming in the pond or standing just in the waters edge.  However, there are times when I will catch them in the middle of the pasture out "grazing" for bugs.  It's the funniest thing to see those ducks working over the ground so quickly.  It's seems like they are having such a feast.  Of course, when anything appears to be heading in their direction such as a horse, dog, cow, goat, or human; they take off like like rockets to get back to the safety of the pond.  I really do enjoy having them around.  Thanks to my honey for "convincing" me that we needed some ducks  on the farm ;)


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