Saturday, July 14, 2012

Elvis Is Gone

Well, it's official. Elvis is gone. This morning he left Deep South Kikos to head out to his new home in Utica, Mississippi. Mr. and Mrs. Willis made the drive down to pick him up.  I have to say, I am really going to miss him, but I know he will do great things for their farm.

We had a very enjoyable visit with the Willis' this morning. They will be hosting a goat field day at their farm sometime in September, and when I get the information from them I will post it here for those that may be interested in attending. 

Hope yall are having a great weekend!

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  1. The nice thing about technology is that you can probably still keep pretty close tabs on him via pics through e-mails and the blog. We sent our heifer back to her farm for the winter, and Hannah was in tears for two days. At least LadyBug will grow up to be a good milking cow after we show her one more year. Jerry, the steer, also has another year here on the farm with us, but then he will go to what he was destined to Kind of makes me sad at times too because the big lug is almost like an oversized dog. I went out to see him, rubbed his neck, and he started licking my leg. Your leg has not been licked until a cow has licked it let me tell you. I keep telling myself, "Hamburger, hamburger!" just like I remind the girls. I'm sure he will grow out of this cute stage and be like all other cows, kind of annoying. I hope so anyway!

    Coming out of our fair insanity, so I hope to start resuming my regular blog chats with everyone. School starts the 15th, so that will help some too with freed up morning time. At least that is my hope!


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