Thursday, January 3, 2013

Back Forty Renovation

In our back 40, there is an area of about 4-5 acres that isn't fenced in. It has a small creek running through it, and it is completely overgrown in brush.   The photo below shows the thick brush.  

Shane took some time off of work for the holidays and to get started on cleaning this area to reclaim it and use it for the goats and cows.  Doesn't that sound like a vacation? :)

This is a closer photo of the thick brush.  If you look closely you can see the old barbed wire fence that is strung in front of it.  That brush is like candy for the goats. They would be like a land clearing company if we turn them out into that stuff.  

Shane took some clippers and a chain saw and went to work clearing out a path for the fence-line.  Even the kiddos were in on the work. Isn't there a saying that goes something like " A family that works together, stays together"?
Family bonding

After getting things cleared, we had to get all of the supplies to the back corner to start.  Although, we did have a small problem though.

Did you notice the horns on "Lil' Sammy Uhaul"?

We've been getting a lot of rain.  The problem is that this area is low-lying and can be a bit wet.  We needed to have our waterproof gear.

I didn't have any rubber boots.  While Shane was in town getting supplies he stopped by Tractor Supply and picked me up a pair.  I think he did a great job!  They are very fashionable for me!  Just the other day I told him that I needed to add a little of my style to my "farm wardrobe".  I always wear the men's version of work wear.  I'm thrilled to add some femininity to my wardrobe. 

Not only did we have a lot of rain, but that small creek I mentioned earlier had to be crossed over in order to get to the back side.  

There were some old railroad ties in our barn, so Shane  put them to good use.

Dillon captured the photo below.  I'm doing what I do best.  "Overseeing"  Shane while on the job, making sure he does it right.  Just kidding ;)  I'm just waiting on him to let me know how I can lend him a helping hand.  We are a team after all!

Finally after taking measurements and making adjustments to the width between the railroad ties, Shane drove the mule over it. 

We were glad to get things rolling.  Finally we could get those supplies to that back corner!  Only problem is that when the mule was loaded with a few of those heavy poles for the corner, a stob put a huge hole in the back tire that couldn't be patched.  Trust me, he tried green slime and later tried plugs.  Neither worked.  A tire has been ordered and will arrive tomorrow.  So much for getting that fencing done.  I will keep you updated on the progress. 

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