Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dinosaur Phones No More!

The beginning of December my old dinosaur flip-phone was starting to give me a little trouble.  I started perusing other options through my cell carrier and  I kept coming back to this thing called an iPhone.  I asked around, looked some more, and finally decided to upgrade to an iPhone.  I'm totally new to this whole thing, but I am hooked!  The possibilities are endless with it.  It is so much more than a phone.  Being that we are starting the new year, I've set a few goals.  Get more active, eat healthier, and try to get rid of unnecessary things (clutter) in our home.  This phone has an app, that I've been using, called MyFitnessPal that I love!  It's like a food and exercise diary.  Just enter in some information and it calculates calories and helps you set and follow goals.  Amazing!  

You can see in the picture above of just a few of the apps that I use.  I like IHeartRadio, it plays music constantly of any genre I choose, while I get through my chores.  I faithfully use the weather app from our local weather station which keeps an up to date view of the weather radar at my fingertips.  It came in handy with all of the bad weather that we had come through on Christmas day.   It also has a camera to use with  Instagram to be able to share your photos effortlessly.  To most, this may be no news.  For me, I am excited to see all of the great features it has; and those that are yet to be discovered.  Hopefully this will enable me to  do so much more!

Like snapping this photo of our oldest helping me with pulling up fence posts and t-posts from an old fence row that we have taken down.....

Hard at work

A snapshot of the goats and LGD's coming to check out what in the world we are doing.

What are ya'll doin?

Another of cows getting some tree limbs with leaves to munch on like candy ( I shared this one on facebook instantly on this day to our farm page

Photos from our Farm Bureau monthly meeting.  The commodity for the month of January is sweet potatoes, so one of our members prepared some baked sweet potatoes.

**Oh I almost forgot to mention that we signed up for Skype and got a camera to talk with Shane's family in Ohio as well as some of our friends locally.  "Skyping" is also new for us.  I love being able to have a conversation with someone feeling like I'm sitting just across from them in the same room.  Amazing!  This household has gotten bit by the technology bug!**

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