Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Random Randomness

This post has no specific purpose, other than to share some random randomness with y'all   :) 

Seriously folks, this is what our weather looked like this past week!  In January.....that's no joke.  Now, later this afternoon, a cold front should be pushed through our area and our temps will be much cooler; like January should feel.


We are down to one barn cat.  Although, she has found that she likes to sleep on top of my car much better than a bale of hay in the barn! 

Rockette (L) and Little Rock (R)

We have obtained yet another horse!  Seriously, I couldn't have made this up!  We now have a grand total of 6 horses!  Rockette happens to be a half sister to our own Little Rock.  They have the same sire, which has a reputation of being very laid back and gentle.  We have seen it in Little Rock; found out Rockette was available and Shane wanted to get her too. His hope is for all of us to ride some good-natured Tennessee Walkers that prance around.  He is hooked on their gait!  What are we going to do with ourselves?  :)  Lord, help me!

And we managed to get that USDA 2012 Census of Agriculture filled out and mailed in a couple of weeks ago.  What a pain in the backside!  The details they ask for.........What did you think about filling yours out?  Did your head spin for a few days afterward like mine did? 

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