Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ahhh.....The Fun of Growing up in the Country!

I came across this photo I had taken earlier in the year. I planned on sharing it and telling how great our border collies are to our operation here. They round up the cattle and goats with just a command from Shane. He trained the oldest one several years ago. Now her daughter is mature enough that she gets to participate on the herding excursions. She is learning and catching on pretty quickly.

Can't you just see the devotion of those border collies towards Shane.  It's such a nice moment to capture, but my favorite part of this photo is beyond the dogs with their master.  If you'll notice the two little figures in the distance......that is my favorite part.  Can you guess what they're doing?  Look closely........Do you have any ideas yet?

Well my friends, they are kicking cow patties that have dried up a little.  Yep.  That's what our kids do out in the pasture for fun.  Crazy isn't it.  If you could have only heard the laughter coming from their direction, one would've thought they were playing a game like soccer, or maybe even tag.  Not our two though.  They prefer to kick over as many cow patties as possible.  Every now and again one of them accidentally gets a hold of a "fresher" one and I hear, "Oh, man!".  Don't you envy doing the laundry and such at my house?

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  1. LOVE THIS! It's funny, but when we met, my husband had two dogs who were HIS dogs. They tolerated me, but they were always his shadow. Now we have Sadie, and for some reason, probably one I don't want to know about since she was a stray, she loves ME most and is a little leery of all men. She has warmed up to Steve, and she plays great with the girls, but she will always drop what she is doing or who she is with if I call her. Gotta love the loyalty of a dog. p.s. She is short haired, but I think she has border collie in her and some blue tick heeler. She so wants to herd the cows, but there is a bit of instinct missing. That's probably a good thing so she stays out of the pasture ;-)


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