Monday, September 26, 2011

Dixie's Colt

This morning as we walked out the door to make the trip to school, the kids started yelling and pointing. It scared me at first, I really thought something was wrong. Then I realized they were looking at something that made them both excited.....a new colt. 

We have been waiting to see a foal out of Dixie for a little over a week. We had to go to Oklahoma this past weekend to get our bucks from the buck test, so you can imagine how quick of a trip it was. Shane didn't want to be gone with Dixie getting so close and he had also noticed one of our new heifers was bagging up and getting ready. We left Friday at 5pm for Oklahoma and made it back home Sunday morning around 3:30am with no newborns. I think I heard my dear husband breathe a sigh of relief when we returned home to find all of the animals just like they were when we left.

My babies didn't want to go to school today because they wanted to stay home and pet on the "baby horse".  Guess what we'll be doing this afternoon?  Hanging out in the pasture, of course! 

My next post will be a recap of our weekend excursion to Oklahoma at The Kerr Center.  There were some very informative seminars  Saturday and the day ended with the results of the 2011 Buck Test.  For now, I have to get a some laundry done and a little housework done.  I've already spent half of my morning out with the new colt.  Some things do have to get done around here...  :)

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