Thursday, September 1, 2011

We had a few visitors today

Today while I was washing dishes, I noticed something walking in our back yard. I was so excited about the opportunity to grab my camera and hopefully get a few shots to share with all of my readers.   This group of turkeys has been spotted several times around here, but I never can get a picture of them. 

This is one of the benefits of living deep in the heart of the National Forrest.  We get to see a pretty good bit of wildlife from time to time.  Other times we may have visitors like this or this. ( You can click on the links-the highlighted words, if you'd like to see)  We've even had one of these visit our place. ( I promise we do treat all other visitors much better than him.  He kind of asked for it when he entered the pasture with our does and their kids.)  One time, we even had this group of visitors come and spend a little time here on our farm.  As you can see, we have visitors of all types.   I could keep going and going, but I'll save the others for another time :)

So back to the subject(s) at hand, I was worried the turkeys would see me and take off, but I crept around the side of my house like a undercover agent with my camera aimed and ready to take a quick shot.  They were walking pretty quick and cautiously, so I went ahead and snapped, hoping to get at least one picture. Of course there were objects in the way, so you'll have to excuse the distractions in the photo.  I didn't want to step out and give myself away, so all you get to see are shots taken while hiding around the side of the house in some banana bushes and hoping and praying there wouldn't be any banana spiders climbing on me.  I would've had to give myself away for that.  Have you ever seen one of those? Well if you have, you would know why I am not a lover of spiders.  Yet another "un-welcomed" visitor, if he/she messes with me. 

Heading for the woods.

Hope you are lucky enough to get a few visitors this week too!

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