Friday, September 16, 2011

Miss Dixie

We will possibly be experiencing something new around here pretty soon. Dixie, a mare that Shane bought several months ago, is going to have a foal. Mr. Shows, the previous owner, said that it was possible that she had been bred by his stud horse before Shane went to look to buy her. He really wanted to get another Tennessee Walking Horse, so he rode her at the Shows' farm and really liked her. He didn't intentionally seek out a pregnant mare, but the Shows' said that she was a great horse; and they are pretty nice as you can guess, we got another horse. 


We have experienced the beginning of new lives with calves, chicks, kid goats, LGD pups, and the foal of a donkey. Now we will get to have a horse's foal running around, hopefully. Mallory is super excited that this little one will belong to her. We're not even sure of a estimated date of arrival, but when it arrives I'll definitely have to post pictures. Maybe they will be a little more clear than the one of Dixie above. 

Happy Friday everybody!

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