Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Photos From My Morning Walk

As I prepared to make a walk out in one of our pastures today, I remembered to take my camera! Yay for me, because I have been a such a slacker when it comes to photos and this blog. I am still unpacking boxes, all the while trying to keep the house clean.  It's been quite challenging for me. We just haven't settled in quite yet. For those that still come back to our blog to see what's happening....Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I truly do appreciate the kind words from you guys! 

So here are photos from my morning venture. 

Dixie's colt taking it easy.  He is now about 11 months old. 

Mr. Shaggy

I absolutely love Mr. Shaggy.  When I walk towards him, he meets me halfway.  All the while, he keeps his head down and has such a humble attitude about himself  (can horses really have a humble personality?).  This fella takes care of my dear sweet 9 yr old each time he goes for a ride; and for that, this momma is grateful!   

A few of the goats taking it easy under their favorite pecan tree

As I squatted down near another pecan tree to get some photos of the goats, I was met by this noble guy.  He had to come check out what I was doing near his goats.  Although we don't look for beauty in our selection for our LGDs, I must say we managed to get a good looking one here.  He's the whole package...looks and super guardian instincts.    So thankful we were able to get him several years ago.  He has been a definite asset to our operation.


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