Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Scratch -N- Sniff

I really wish that computers had the capability of offering scratch 'n sniff.....then again, in some situations that may not be such a grand idea ;) I absolutely love the smell of fresh cut hay, though! I would love the share the scent with yall. 

We are in the process of stocking up on hay supply before the winter comes along.   The newest bales are are not stacked on top of each other yet, and are set apart from each other to let the heat out of them.  Here is an interesting article on hay fires that I found put out by the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service.  It has a lot of good information about how to prevent your hay from catching on fire. We've had a lot of rain here lately and it makes it very difficult to get hay cut and baled with the appropriate moisture content.  We've heard stories of folks losing their hay crops due to the spontaneous combustion of the hay due to high moisture content. We are taking precautions to be on the safe side.  

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