Friday, September 2, 2011

Kiko " Lease Bucks"

Meet Elvis. No, not Elvis-the king of rock and roll...this is Elvis, one of our lease bucks that we have here at Deep South Kikos. He is a son of Pistol Pete and one of our 100% New Zealand does. Can you guess how he got the name Elvis? Check out his hair-do.  Mr. Newman thought the name fit him well, and I do agree.  He can even do the Elvis lip trick....Well, it's not quite the same...but he can sure curl up his lip.


Elvis had been gone from our farm for about a year.  He had been leased out by numerous commercial goat farms to breed their does.  Shane looked up his "log" for the lease bucks and out of the past year, Elvis may have been here for a few days in between his "service calls".  Sometimes he would leave one farm and be delivered straight to the next one.

He has just been returned safe and sound back to his home here at the farm.  I would think with all of his travels, that he would be glad to kick back and relax for a while.  I couldn't have been any more wrong.  He has been calling across the fields to the ladies on the other side of the road trying to get them to notice him.   With four mature bucks here on the farm, at this time, one can only imagine how it smells around here ( if you know anything about goats and their "cologne").  At least it is only concentrated in one area!

Just to let folks know, we do offer the option of leasing one of our " lease bucks" to breed to your commercial does.  We have found that folks around here aren't real familiar with the breed, or they are unsure about making the step in purchasing one.  This option allows them to add kiko genetics  to their commercial herd without having to keep a kiko buck on hand.  All of the details about leasing a buck can be found here.   We do have one other buck that is still out on lease, that should be coming back to the farm soon.  He is out of Rooster; I will get pictures of him when he returns. 



  1. Hello again! I was just curious about something: you mentioned here that you have four bucks and that you lease them out to farms. Well, I was curious as to which bucks you lease. Are you willing to lease out any of them? That's all. Oh, and your bucks are absolutely gorgeous! Pistol Pete has some of the prettiest colors I have seen in a while.

  2. Hi Thief Queen. We had leased out Elvis that is in the picture above and a son out of Rooster named Lumberjack. We had also leased out Gold Digger. Just recently Shane has decided that we are going to try to get out of the leasing right now. Someone from LA is coming Sunday to buy Gold Digger, and Elvis is already sold. Just trying to downsize the number of fellas....I think our bucks are gorgeous too ;) Thanks..... And Pistol Pete produces some of the most flashy colorful kids too. Hope that answered all of your questions. Thanks again for stopping by.



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