Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Please Help...Ideas Anyone???

I am in great need of ideas for us to do at our school's fall festival.  Both of our kids were chosen as fall festival King and Queen for each of their classrooms.  I mean what are the odds of that?!  This means that I have to try to do fundraisers for not one, but two kids.....So far, I have signed us up for putting on a "kiss the goat" contest.  These contests are usually pretty fun.  Someone will have to pay so much per vote for a faculty member at the school to have to kiss the goat.  The one with the most votes gets the honor of puckering up. 

All proceeds from any fundraisers that we do will go to the school.  They will have a ceremony in November to recognize the top 5 kids that raised the most money.  They will be crowned at this ceremony.  So we are trying to get some good fundraising ideas.  Please share any that you may have.  You can leave a comment below, or you can send an email to deepsouthkikos(at) yahoo(dot) com.  Thanks a bunch!


  1. We are putting on a Fall Walk-a-thon tomorrow at school. All the kids participate so everyone "Shapes up." It's call SHape up for Sacred Heart! We have sponsors that provide a shirt for each student, and then the kids gather pledge money from family and friends. We walk close to a 5K tomorrow afternoon. PRAY it doesn't rain on us. There is a 30% chance we will be walking in the gym instead of around our small town. Our gym is even smaller! Hope this helps!

  2. That's a very good idea...Thanks Lana!


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