Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Sweet Smell of Hay

Several years ago, Shane decided to sell our hay equipment.  The mower, rake, and baler.  Instead of keeping the animals off of the  "hay fields" while hoping to achieve a good stand of forage that could be baled into hay, we are trying to improve our pastures and get more grazing out of them.  On the other hand, there is also no maintenance or repair of hay equipment, the stress of watching the 10 o'clock news to see if it will be dry enough weather to get the stuff cut, cured, and baled in good time without any rain.

This year Shane bought hay from a neighbor that lives a few miles from us.  It worked out very well.  He was able to make quick short trips with each load.  Last year, he made some loooong trips back and forth getting the hay from another guys place.  Hopefully we will fare pretty well with our hay supply this year.   

Shane hard at work ;)

Our hay is stored in the barn to keep it out of the weather.  Our barn is actually an old chicken house.  Shane's grandparents operated 3-4 chicken houses on this farm at one time.  This is the only one that is left standing, and it has been put to use.  Of course, our kids think this is the greatest time of the year....All of those bales of hay to climb and play on.  It makes me itch just thinking about it.

I also noticed in the Mississippi Market Bulletin that there is a hay directory for Mississippi. It has listings by the each county that have hay available for sale. Click here to go to MSUcares website or to view the hay directory you can click on this link here.

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  1. We still bale our grass hay and pastures, but we don't grow any alfalfa hay. The machinery is old, but it's all still fixable.....for now!


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