Thursday, August 9, 2012

Likin' What I'm Able To See

This is the view out of our living room...Pastures surround us in the house we are in now. It is so nice to look out and be able to see all of the animals in every direction. We definitely keep the drapes pulled back during the day! We are so blessed I tell ya!

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  1. I recognize that view out of this very same window! This was the same view I saw there at the old home place for 23 years. On Sept 12, 1979 I saw a different view from those windows. Hurricane Fredrick was bearing down on us and we had all taken shelter with Mr. Hershel & Ms Davie for the long night. Stacy had not been born yet and Shane was only about 9 month’s old sitting in my lap in nothing but a diaper around the dining room table. Suddenly we heard the dining room window explode spraying glass everywhere. I instinctively turned my back to the window and held Shane close and sheltered him away from the flying shards of broken glass. At that same instant I felt something hit me hard in the elbow like a baseball bat. It was a broken piece of glass driven by Fredric deep into my elbow. We hunkered down for the long stormy night only to discover the next morning many pecan trees down and all the chicken houses severely damaged and roofing blown away. I had to make my way to the nearest ER to get stitches in my elbow from the flying glass. (I still proudly bear the scar) Long story short is this… I always felt God spared little baby Shane’s life that night at that window. Shane was sitting directly in the path of those same windows and flying broken glass. By mere fraction of inches my elbow separated Shane from injury or death. So there you have some 33 yr old history of your picture window. When you look through those windows always remember how God has protected and blessed you there many years before.


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